Club Runs

The first group you will join is the Novice Only ride on a Saturday morning (First Saturday of every month) at 09.30 during the spring / summer (and 10.00 when the clocks change to winter hours.) This run continues through the year, weather depending.

Attending this group initially, will be of great benefit to you and the Club. The Club coaches and Club ride leaders can assess your ability and skills, allowing you to progress safely through different club groups with less stress to yourself and riders around you. The club focuses on road bike riding and most members have at least one standard road bike.

The meeting points for these runs can be found by clicking on the link below. There is a lay-by if you want to bring your bike in the car.

You can use the contact form on the “Contact Us” page to notify our club secretary of your intention to meet us for Saturday rides.  Our Club Secretary (Stephen) will advise you of the ride leader to introduce yourself to when you arrive. 

Once you have had some experience in this group the ride leader will pass you on to the next group, the social run/development group.

Following on from the Saturday Runs, we have group development rides on Tuesday evenings.

For newer club members, this run is the ideal starting point after the beginners Saturday rides and teaches newcomers how to ride in a group safely. We can have a few groups depending on numbers and ability. The meeting points is at There is a lay-by if you want to bring your bike in the car. These runs start towards end of March/beginning of April and always start at 18.30 from Bellsdyke Road in Larbert and finishes before 20.30. These will move to a 19.00 start in May when the days are longer.

Please remember to bring some food/drink, spare inner tubes/pump and some tools on every club run.

Once you have had a few introductory rides, you can decide to join our club by simply following the link to the British Cycling website and request to join FBC. I will process your application on-line. Alternatively send us a completed form which can be requested from the Club Secretary. It’s only £15  to join the club for Over 18s (£5 for Juniors) we also recommend Ride or Silver race membership with British Cycling to cover insurance in the unlikely event if any accidents. You can apply for both on-line at the same time, that way you are committed! As a newcomer, British Cycling may give you a discount if you have joined Falkirk Bike Club. Just register online as above.

Once you are confident in group riding, you will be invited to join the APR training on Thursday nights which starts at 19.00. This is a one hour high intensity training session that can be competitive and club members earn points for the club trophy. It is generally great fun and you can push yourself as hard as you like.


The final step in progression through the Club, and when  you get the hang of faster group riding, you will be invited to longer rides on Sundays – the main club run – which leaves from Larbert Station Hotel at 10.00am  sharp in the summer and 10.30 once the clocks change for the winter. It’s usually a challenging ride.



Please note.

A helmet must be worn at all club rides.

All times stated for club runs are prompt leaving times, get there in advance!

You must have mudguards on your bike during all the winter runs.

You will not be allowed to ride in a group with a TT bike, or with any form of bar extensions.

If any club member objects to videos or photographs being published please contact the committee.


Looking forward to seeing you at one of the novice sessions. Any questions, please feel free to ask.